How is order composed?

How is order composed?

We would divide the topic of orders into two parts - when the customer orders from us and when we order from our supplier. We'll dedicate a separate post to the topic of purchase order.

Sales order is an order recieved from our cusomer. The format of the sales order has elements similar to a price quote or invoice. But there are certain specific details that are worth mentioning.
Above all, these are the dates. While dealing with price quotes we have the date of issue and validity date, with invoices these are the dates of issue, taxable supply, delivery, due date, etc., with sales order they are Deliver at the earliest, deliver at the latest, and confirmed date.

Imagine a typical situation. Our customer orders goods or services from us and knows that he needs it within certain dates. For example, he is building a house and we are supplying windows. He certainly wouldn't want us to put the windows on the house foundation, and of course he wouldn't want the whole construction to wait 6 weeks, until he orders the windows the day he needs them. Therefore, he will be happy to tell us when he wants to deliver the goods.

Since each agreement has two parties, we also need to confirm to the customer when we will process the order. The customer needs a confirmation of the date from us so that he knows when to expect delivery, and at the same time we protect ourselves from situation where the customer has ordered the goods too late and it is not technically possible to meet the date.

In addition to the customer's data, the order must also contain the place of implementation and contact person. We would definitely recommend having your order signed by the customer (Offeris templates take this into account), because the order is like a small contract. That is why it should contain a list of items with prices.
It is clear that the order may be changed during implementation, because you made the price quote with a certain premise, but only the implementation itself will often reveal details that can affect the price in both directions.

To create a sales order from the price quote in Offeris, click on the price quote number and select Generate order button in the menu. You select to Generate sales order and it's done.