• Offeris

    CRM system for business companies

    Manage your business agenda, including quotes, orders, billing, warehouse management, and business cases.

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  • Offeris

    Aesthetic and professional offers

    Get out of the crowd and be a professional, get unexpected and winning offers.

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  • Offeris

    Easy management of your Quotes, Orders, Invoices

    You will see your document flows among your company, customer and suppliers.

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  • Offeris

    Simple and effective business agenda

    You will have an overview about your orders, costs, profit and other statistics.

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Offeris is the online information system for easy creating and managing Business proposals, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Warehousing and other business documents.

CRM system Offeris brings you these benefits

Offeris contains a lot of useful features for your day-to-day business work. System works in web browser so you can safely access to your data everywhere.

Business proposals

  • Calculation of profit based on a number of parameters
  • Simple to generate an order or an invoice
  • Choice from different template designs for PDF output


  • Tracking issued items and order status
  • Quick creation of purchase orders for suppliers to items that are not in stock
  • Track dates for required delivery and delivery confirmation


  • Received and issued invoices
  • Creation of proforma invoices with the possibility of creating a tax receipt for the received payment
  • Collection invoices from delivery notes


  • Any number of warehouses
  • Creating Delivery notes
  • Stocktakings

Business cases

  • All related documents in one place
  • Profit calculation for the entire business case - from both invoices and non-invoiced items

Numerous auxiliary features

  • Comprehensive Product evidence
  • Customers and Suppliers management
  • Service orders
  • Claims
  • Tasks, Calendar

Why to choose Offeris?

Easy create nice Business proposal

If you save on one Business proposal half an hour and create 10 Quotes a day, you will suddenly get 5 hours extra for sale. Time is money.

Your documents will be clear

Business Proposals, Orders, Invoices or other documents will be uniform and easy to read to your customers.

Easy create orders and invoices

You can create Sales Order or Invoice just be one click from other business document.

Overview about customers

What offers you have created, how much was invoiced, what goods are waiting for delivery, schedule of meetings, phone calls ...

You can easily find the Quote even after years

You will not lose anything. You will create a new copy from the old Quote to update prices and send.

At work, at the customer - everything is online

You can work on a computer, tablet, mobile phone. You can prepare an offer or order directly with your customer.

Do you have a team? Offeris supports teamwork

Calendars, Tasks, minutes of meetings, wide access rights. This all supports your team.

Our customers are happy about complexity

Our customers say they will quickly create a nice offer regardless of its complexity.

Try Offeris FREE for 14 days and you can test all CRM features.


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Our mission

We create the Offeris information system to help you better sell and manage your orders.

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