Operator Statement on personal data protection - websites and cookies

If you visit a page that collects cookies, a small text cookie file will be created on your computer. A cookie is a short text file that a website stores in the browser of your computer or mobile device (including a tablet) when you browse it. If you visit the same page next time, it will help you connect faster. In addition, the site "recognizes" you and offers you the information you prefer, ensures that an already displayed advertisement is not repeated, or allows you to enter or offers to supplement the data filled in during previous visits to the web environment and, following this information, displays relevant content and potential activities and services that we assume you could use.

We use cookies to analyze website traffic through Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook services. These are analytics tools that help website and application owners understand how their visitors use these resources. Cookies can be used for statistical data on the use of websites without personally identifying individual visitors.

If you set up the blocking of cookies in your browser, it is possible that some parts of our website may work with certain problems or slowdowns.

What cookies we collect

Basic cookies, the cookies which enable the use of basic functions such as logging in as a registered user or pre-filling the forms and remembering your preferences. If you disable these cookies, we cannot guarantee the full functionality of our website.

Operational cookies, the cookies used to record and analyze visitor behavior on the website and subsequently to improve its functionality and appearance. If you disable these cookies, we cannot guarantee the full functionality of our website.

Advertising cookies, the files used to optimize the displayed content and advertising with regard to the visitor's habits and effectiveness of the marketing communication of the submitters. Thanks to them, for example, you will not be shown an advertisement from an area you are not interested in.

Third-party cookies, the files created and used by service providers such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook. These services are integrated into our site because we consider them useful and completely safe.

How to check up your cooking settings

You can check up or delete cookies at your discretion. See www.allaboutcookies.org for details. You can delete all cookies stored on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being stored. If you do not trust cookies, you can regularly delete them from your disk. In some cases, cookies information may be entered incorrectly and thus may cause a problem with logging in, e.g. to our Internet application (*.offeris.com). You can find instructions for removing all cookies, including incorrectly entered ones, below:

Legal basis for processing

If we are able to identify the visitor to the web environment during the recording, it will be followed by personal data processing. We must have a legal basis for such processing. One legal basis can be your consent as the person concerned, and the other, especially when monitoring activities and evaluating them, will be the legitimate interest of the operator, i.e. us, to offer you the best possible specific setting of services or support for your activities in a contractual relationship with our company, including direct advertising.

Automated decision making and profiling

If we have your consent to personal data processing for marketing purposes, we combine them with information about your activities on the website. The connection occurs after logging into the *.offeris.com zone. The goal of this connection is to better recognize your preferences and interests and, on this basis, to better set the offer directly for you and personalize the web content.

You can object to such processing at any time or, in the event that an automated decision would have an impact on your rights and freedoms, you may request an individual decision from us. How to withdraw consent is described below.

Analytical tools

As part of advertising services, our website uses analytical tools primarily for the purpose of implementing marketing campaigns, evaluating customer behavior, tracking and recording errors in the mobile application, and collecting potential customers.

  • Google Analytics is an analytical tool for tracking user behavior on the Web and in applications. The customer is evaluated in Google Analytics only on the basis of cookies. Offeris (TABI Corp., s.r.o.) does not send any personal data of users. The definition of data protection and security can be found at www.google.com

How long we will keep browsing data

Browsing data stored according to cookie settings are not stored in our systems. We keep the information that we associate with data from cookies according to your consent, which you have submitted us, or according to the duration of the contractual relationship between you and us. We will keep the combined data from cookies and our systems for the period necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, but no longer than 6 months.

Withdrawal of consent

In case we process your data on the basis of your consent, this consent can be withdrawn or objected at any time by submitting a complaint at our points of first contact or by sending a complaint to the contact point listed in the Contact details section.

Contact details

  • E-mail: info@offeris.com
  • Address: TABI Corp., s.r.o., Jozefa Herdu 1, 917 01 Trnava, Slovak Republic

If you are not satisfied with our answer, or if you believe that we are processing your Data unfairly or illegally, you can contact the Supervisory Authority. You can find further information about the Supervisory Authority of the Slovak Republic and the application procedure at https://dataprotection.gov.sk/uoou/en.

We may periodically update this Statement, and will notify you in case of that. This version of the Data Protection Statement is valid from August 19, 2021.