Custom printing templates

Custom printing templates

We will customize or create printing templates for you to make them exclusive for your company.

Usually, the customer chooses a template that corresponds most with his ideas, and then we modify it according to the requirements. However, we can create any printing template according to the documents we may draw together or receive from your graphic designer.

The colors of the template will match your logo, or Corporate Identity, and it may also contain different images or pictograms. Since the outcome will represent your company, we advise to pay attention to this issue.

At the same time, we would like to pay your attention to the large number of ready-made printing templates in Offeris, which are available to you in the the system at no extra charge.

The scope of the service is different for each customer and therefore its price can be estimated only upon a consultation. If you need any further information, please send us your request for a meeting.