Other modules

Other modules

Offeris contains many useful modules for your company.
We are constantly improving Offeris so that you could work in it easily and quickly. We regularly update and expand each module based on feedback from our users.
  • Contacts
  • Products
  • Catalogs
  • Tasks, Calendar
  • Service
  • Claims
  • Statistics


Customers are the most important thing for your business. You can manage them, search for, sort out by different criteria, or define business terms and conditions, which is comprehensive and fast with Offeris.
  • Overview of customers and suppliers
  • Tasks and calendar for the customer
  • Assigned sales representative and service support
  • Option to display suppliers only to selected users
  • Contact persons for each company
  • Newsletter
  • Terms and conditions - e.g. specific price levels and discounts for different product groups
  • Extension for call center
Tasks, Calendar

Tasks, Calendar

Contact management is complemented by the Tasks and Calendar module, so you can plan meetings, create meeting minutes and track the activities of sales representatives.

  • Integration with Google and Outlook calendar
  • Meeting minutes
  • Easy creation of order
  • Calendars across the entire company
  • Binding e.g. to the company, etc.
  • Extension for call center


You will not find such a comprehensive product management as there in Offeris elsewhere.
  • Language mutations of products
  • Customer prices for each customer
  • Calculation of purchase and sales prices from supply price
  • Several suppliers of one product
  • Recommended accessories to the product
  • Product replacements, e.g. for discontinued products
  • Product composing from several components
Service and claims

Service and claims

A good business case does not end with a sale. You can also track service orders and claims in Offeris.

  • Equipment records at the customer's
  • Service orders
  • Simple creation of a sales order from a service order
  • Planned and regular service operations
  • Monitoring warranties and post-warranty claims
  • Integration of claims with invoiced items


To make the right decisions, you need the right information.
A range of statistics and data reviews as well as charts are available to you.
You can also find out which data was changed in the system, when and by whom. Even who printed a particular document and when.
  • Statistics from the point of view of your company, product, customer, supplier, and sales representative
  • You can evaluate the activities and goals of the sales representative as well as individual departments
  • You will see every e-mail sent
  • Who printed what
  • Who added, modified or deleted any kind of record
  • A range of financial statistics