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  • Offeris

    Introducing the Offeris portal

    Communicate with business partners as a true professional.

Try Offeris with the B2C / B2B communication portal today!

The Offeris portal is used to communicate between you and your customers. Since there is a difference in the requirements and needs of the retail customer and business partner, we have prepared for you two versions of the portal.

Retail customers

Retail customers

Your customer will receive much more information about the quote, order, or invoice you send them. He will see more pictures, videos. He will be able to communicate with you easily and approve the offer.

Business partners

Business partners

Your partners will see their business documents in their account, pay invoices more conveniently, order new goods quickly and easily, and see the products they order most often.

Offeris portal Price Quotation
  • A new form of communication

    In the meantime, you have been sending a printable quote to the customer. For example, the customer could see the product name, image, description and prices. To find out more about the offer, he had to look for or reach out to you.

    But he will see much more in the Offeris portal:

    • Multiple images with full screen capability
    • Videos, e.g. how the product is used
    • Longer and formatted text
    • He has contact with his merchant
    • Attached documents for download
    • He can communicate directly with you
    • ... and, last but not least, simply approve your offer ...

Benefits of Offeris Portal

More information

the customer is not motivated to look for information elsewhere, e.g. competition

Various designs

adapting to your colors and needs

Clear communication

you will no longer be bothered by the amount of emails to look for in connection with the offer

Quotation approval

the customer will easily approve your offer and you will be informed online

Quotation adjustments

you can make adjustments to the offer and the customer will see them right away

Attached documents

there is no need to look for manuals, certificates, installation procedures, or others

Videos from youtube

an easy answer to how the product is used

Terms & Conditions

each customer can have their prices, their list of products

Views on Offeris portal

The Offeris portal allows you to spend more time on business and less administration.

Try Offeris FREE for 14 days and you can test all CRM features.


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